Beauty with a heart and purpose, vision, and talent under one roof.

Neenã Bezuidenhout

Splendure was founded and established in August 2019 by the well sought after Neenã MacaÏre Bezuidenhout, both national and international model and title holder of various titles.

She is the founder, owner, and director of Splendure International Modelling Academy, followed by her co-owner and co-director, Judy Bezuidenhout – Botha. The perfect mother and daughter duo.

I believe in creating opportunities and providing a platform for those that follow their hearts, live with a burning desire to aspire to inspire and motivate themselves and others to work hard, remain humble and reach for their goals one step at a time. I work with the genuine hearted and believe each individual should live out their purpose with a true heart, be a helping hand to assist others, grow and build their empires together while making their dreams a reality.”

-Founder, Owner and Director Neenã Bezuidenhout


“We see everyone’s beauty.”

Neenã Bezuidenhout

What our students say…

Sylvia Thomas (Mom) and Shannon Grace Thomas
(Splendure Model)

“To Splendure International Modelling Academy, A word of thank you from a parent and a model from your school.
As you know my daughter was one of the first models of the academy and she has been a part of the team and family ever since. We are proud to say that we are a part of this academy because, we learn a lot and we are a family that stand together as one and build up the self-confidence of each and every person.”
Tracy Geldenhuys (Mom) and Lea Geldenhuys (Splendure Model)

“Good day, I am the fifteen year old Lea Geldenhuys. I have been modeling with Splendure for probably about a month already, I have thoroughly enjoyed it so much and have learnt plenty of new and different things. I can already see that I have a lot of growth ahead of me but as well the growth that I’ve seen already. I am exceptionally excited on my new journey in modeling with Neenã and the rest of my Splendure family.”

Genica Geere (Splendure Model) and Janine Geere (Mom)

My daughter Genica has been with Splendure for the past 8 months. She changed from a shy girl into a positive thinking, confident young lady. Neena is a wonderful modelling coach as well as a good mentor and friend to Genica.